Newsletter – September 2017



United States Electricity Price per KWH
Present and Past


Demand Response
An article Honeywell Lyric product line is now capable of providing Demand Response functionality. An article Tata Power Delhi Distribution and the Russian Federal Test Centre have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for development of Smart Grid technologies. An article Itron stock price has risen considerably since their purchase of Comverge. An announcement Honeywell has acquired Nextnine for their Industrial Automation and Control offering. An article Enel completed their acquisition of EnerNOC. A report Western Europe to invest $133.7 billion in Smart Grid infrastructure by 2027. A survey of electricity customer purchasing preferences. An article electricity providers are researching new options to communicate with their customers. A purchase battle is in play for Oncor between Elliott Management and Berkshire Hathaway. A set of recommendations to mature HVAC control systems. A report home automation will grow exponentially in the next five years. An additional report supports this growth claim. An article Smart Thermostats are gaining adoption in both North America and Europe. Microsoft has released their first Smart Thermostat. Nest has released a lower cost Smart Thermostat. A research project to identify Smart Home efficiency improvement opportunities.

The second generation of the Smart Grid is occurring now. Financial strength is purchasing first generation organizations which have valuable resources but poor management. Hedge players are now in the market to advance their initial offerings and holdouts are now in the market. These actions are more about debt markets and financial engineering and less about energy markets and network engineering. History is clear on what is happening now and what will happen in a free market. Big money will make money by mass adoption. Proprietary does not feed mass adoption. Big money will move away from proprietary technology to make more money. Watch the Smart Grid, Demand Response, and Smart Thermostat markets move faster and faster to bring residential properties into Time of Use pricing.

Smart Grid – Security
A video describing the 2017 UK National Health Service cyberattack with comments at time stamp 50:40 stating the nature of the Smart Grid security construct today from the device perspective. The SANS reports of 13 June, 07 July, and 08 September 2017 identified credible evidence of electrical grid cyberattack vectors.

There is now no doubt an electrical grid cyberattack will succeed. It is unclear when a cyberattack on the electrical grid will succeed. Hopefully, the attack will not cost as much as the evidence indicates it will in terms of outages and restoring electrical service.

We received more responses from our June 2017 newsletter than any other edition in the past few years. Comments included increased understanding of the impact on electrical grid availability from cyberattack, along with desire not to use proprietary technologies in the residential markets from fear an electronics manufacturer will not hold sufficient concern for the residential market. The feedback is encouraging to us, as it tells us the newsletter readers are now more engaged than we understood previously. The GNU remotecontrol team is thankful for the appreciation expressed to us by our newsletter readers.


GNU remotecontrol Firmware section of the software project had a rough summer regarding development efforts. We lost some resources due to Hurricane Harvey. We had some developers take employer mandated travel. We had a development environment migration effort stall due to little free time to complete the migration. We need more time, more people, or both. We will get there, but it will take longer with the available resources now recovering from team resource depletion and free time changes.


We shared in our March 2017 newsletter edition of our new section to both identify and discuss available Smart Thermostat options in consideration with internationally accepted technology standards. This section provides insight into each offering as new information becomes available.

No new findings.

No new findings.

No new findings.

No information yet on their newest offering.

No information yet on their newest offering.

No new findings.


GNU remotecontrol accomplishes productive work output through structured work packages. This approach helps to organize our efforts and keep things on track to achieve publishing our work. We have ten different phases for our work packages.

GNU remotecontrol Work Package Phases

Order Label Name
1 REQ Requirements
2 DSG Design
3 DEV Development
4 UNT Unit Testing
5 SYS System Testing
6 UAT User Acceptance Testing
7 DOC Documentation
8 RLS Release
9 TRN Training
10 SPT Support

The GNU remotecontrol team does not perform any work output outside of structured work packages.


GNU remotecontrol Project Help Wanted

New Thermostats
Many people have asked us about adding other types of thermostats to GNU remotecontrol. There are three questions that need to be answered before we can offer GNU remotecontrol support for any IP thermostat. These questions are:

  • How to CONNECT to it (NETWORK).
  • How to READ from it (CODE).
  • How to WRITE to it (CODE).

It is our hope to have dozens and dozens of thermostat types that work with GNU remotecontrol.


We have 0 new bugs and 0 fixed bugs since our last Blog posting. Please review these changes and apply to your GNU remotecontrol installation, as appropriate.

We have 0 new tasks and 0 completed tasks since our last Blog posting. Please review these changes and apply to your GNU remotecontrol installation, as appropriate.


Whatever you do…..don’t get beat up over your Energy Management strategy. GNU remotecontrol is here to help simplify your life, not make it more complicated. Talk to us if you are stuck or cannot figure out the best option for your GNU remotecontrol framework. The chances are the answer you need is something we have already worked through. We would be happy to help you by discussing your situation with you.


Why the Affero GPL?

GNU Affero General Public License LOGO

GNU remotecontrol LOGO

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