Newsletter – June 2016



United States Electricity Price per KWH
Present and Past


Demand Response
An article reporting Opower is financially declining, the press release Oracle purchased Opower, and the statement Opower reads sixty million utility end customers. A press release announcing Johnson Controls has sold their integrated demand response business unit. A white paper offering utilities a five-step blueprint to successfully managing distributed resources. An article to identity who remains in the next generation energy distribution industry. An article considering the financial merit of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. An announcement Weather Bug has launched a residential energy efficiency program along with an optional offering to normalize data.

GNU remotecontrol has stopped tracking the number of Smart Grid projects launched in the past six months. The numbers are staggering to consider. The industry experiencing a large number of mergers and acquisitions, along with considerable financial expenditure in the past decade, provide abundant evidence many financial currencies are moving at a rapid velocity in the energy distribution and efficiency segments. Substantial electronics supplier shifts and security compromises are also occurring.

We devote a section of focused communication in this newsletter edition regarding Nest Labs by considering their organizational structure. Nest announced they have over fifty business partners provided valued-added offerings to residential customers. Greg Duffy accused Tony Fadell of “insulting” Dropcam employees who had joined Nest as part of the takeover. An article considered if Nest is going to survive in light of their organizational strategy. The announcement Fadell has resigned came with both scrutiny and concern.

The electronics industry designs and manufactures HVAC thermostats. The absence of an internationally accepted technology standard for the residential network connected HVAC thermostat prohibits interoperability across technology implementations. Our June 2014 edition addressed Dynamic Demand Response. We have repeatedly addressed the need to develop an internationally accepted technology standard for the residential network connected HVAC thermostat. If the dominant player in the residential network connected HVAC thermostat arena cannot successfully operate their organization, then the market will experience a new dominant player. The resulting market shifts will ripple into waves.

Smart Grid – Consumer
An article reporting 2007 and 2015 residential power sales accounted for 37.7% of all retail electricity sales with a 1.1% sales decrease in 2015. An article identifying massive strides accomplished by Singapore for establishing a Smart City. Both the UK and Australia have launched new Smart Grid efforts.

Smart Grid – Producer
The International Trade Associations 2016 Smart Grid Top Markets report ranks thirty-four international markets in terms of growth potential for the United States Smart Grid industry. The United States Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in a consolidated case examining state incentives to construct new power plants and whether those incentives would distort federal power markets under the jurisdiction of the Federal Energy Regulatory Committee. This case does not seem to redefine the Federal Energy Regulatory Committee but could based upon the case ruling.

Smart Grid – Security
The documented events of a team compromising electrical grid security with a video overview. The Energy Systems Integration group presented insecure field devices on the Smart Grid involving risks, damage potential, and practical solutions by using the Ukraine and Crimea security compromises as an example. The United States Congress held hearings on Smart Grid security to understand the US position in light of the Ukraine and Crimea events. The hearings have determined the utility industry members saying it is a matter of several hours to a few days to resolve the type of attack experienced by Ukraine and Crimea. The same hearings found the information technology industry members saying it is a matter of several days to a few weeks to resolve the type of attack experienced by Ukraine and Crimea. The differences between hours, days, and weeks show the utility and information technology industries are not in agreement.


GNU remotecontrol version 2.0 is released. Announcements were made by both email and news postings. The user manual explains the many improvements and new features. We identified in the March 2016 newsletter edition the next steps for the software project. The combined legislative, court, and market events leave no doubt the desire for interconnection of residential HVAC thermostats will become commonplace.


GNU remotecontrol accomplishes productive work output through structured work packages. This approach helps to organize our efforts and keep things on track to achieve publishing our work. We have ten different phases for our work packages.

GNU remotecontrol Work Package Phases

Order Label Name
1 REQ Requirements
2 DSG Design
3 DEV Development
4 UNT Unit Testing
5 SYS System Testing
6 UAT User Acceptance Testing
7 DOC Documentation
8 RLS Release
9 TRN Training
10 SPT Support

The GNU remotecontrol team does not perform any work output outside of structured work packages.


GNU remotecontrol Project Help Wanted

New Thermostats
Many people have asked us about adding other types of thermostats to GNU remotecontrol. There are three questions that need to be answered before we can offer GNU remotecontrol support for any IP thermostat. These questions are:

  • How to CONNECT to it (NETWORK).
  • How to READ from it (CODE).
  • How to WRITE to it (CODE).

It is our hope to have dozens and dozens of thermostat types that work with GNU remotecontrol.


We have 0 new bugs and 0 fixed bugs since our last Blog posting. Please review these changes and apply to your GNU remotecontrol installation, as appropriate.

We have 0 new tasks and 0 completed tasks since our last Blog posting. Please review these changes and apply to your GNU remotecontrol installation, as appropriate.


Whatever you do…..don’t get beat up over your Energy Management strategy. GNU remotecontrol is here to help simplify your life, not make it more complicated. Talk to us if you are stuck or cannot figure out the best option for your GNU remotecontrol framework. The chances are the answer you need is something we have already worked through. We would be happy to help you by discussing your situation with you.


Why the Affero GPL?

GNU Affero General Public License LOGO

GNU remotecontrol LOGO

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