Newsletter – March 2013


The stuff we are talking about now…..

Many discussions about Demand Response have been taking place recently. Check the February 2013 Blog paragraph on this topic, for more detail. Here is a pretty good video explaining more about Demand Response. We found the National Grid encourages energy efficiency with a new Smart Grid Pilot. We are thinking of starting development in this direction, by setting up an Open ADR server and polish GNU remotecontrol to be able to receive and respond to Demand Response messages. This will more accurately inform your electricity and/or fuel provider of your future energy demand expectation. We are thinking of basing this on historical/seasonal consumption data trends, but with the ability to override manually with a different profile. The benefit is to help you get better pricing, if you reduce your consumption of electricity and/or fuel from your provider, at times of peak energy demand. It will also help you with your Operation and Maintenance efforts, by helping to monitor your energy consumption relevant to your usage of your assets.

This is still in the works. Check the February 2013 Blog paragraph on this topic, for more detail. Good discussions occurring, but things are not clear yet on the type and amount of demand for this technology from the Power Distribution industry and what GNU remotecontrol needs to do about providing capability for using the technology.

The stuff you may want to consider…..

Strong security protocols are priceless, period. Security considerations remain at the forefront of managing an HVAC system, given the Stuxnet headlines in the news not so long ago. Is it time to hire HVAC Security? Most likely, if you are looking at GNU remotecontrol or remotely accessed thermostats, it is that time. Siemens came out rather quickly with a posting for Building a Cyber Secure Plant, following the Stuxnet outbreak. There is a growing urgency to protect the Electrical Grid, before a large scale attack occurs. The reality is that threat has been here for decades. Talk to us if you would like further information on addressing HVAC security concerns.

The stuff we are working on now…..

We are scaling up GNU remotecontrol to furnish the capability for a POWER DISTRIBUTION PROVIDER to service their customers. We are building an IP enabled thermostat emulator, to facilitate understanding of how this can be achieved from the END-USER perspective and test the robustness and resilience of our software. This technology capability means several HUNDRED-THOUSAND messages going to several HUNDRED-THOUSAND IP enabled thermostats, all at once. It also means you DO NOT have to purchase, install, or modify any IP enabled thermostats to start using or testing GNU remotecontrol. Talk to us if you are interested in running in GNU remotecontrol in large deployments.

This is still in the works. Check the February 2013 Blog paragraph on this topic, for more detail. Talk to us if you want us to pursue developing this code sooner than later. We will most likely build it at some point in the future. It is a matter of how important it is to the folks using GNU remotecontrol right now.

Whatever you do…..don’t get beat up over your Energy Management strategy. GNU remotecontrol is here to help simplify your life, not make it more complicated. Talk to us if you are stuck or cannot figure out the best option for your GNU remotecontrol framework. The chances are the answer you need is something we have already worked through. We would be happy to help you by discussing your situation with you.


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